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  My rules:  



You must be 18 years old or older.


I prefer, if You have earlier experiences form dogs.


I wonīt sell any puppie to those, who have small children at home.


Iīll try to choose, which puppy suites each buyer best.

When thatīs done, Youīll have to pay a down payment,

the rest of the sum You have to pay, when You catch up Your little



The down payment is not repaid if You regret your choice

of buying a puppy.

It proves no right to any ownership of the puppy, but I have the

right to sell the puppy to some other interested buyer.


I do not accept any purchase by instalments.


I have no queue system, so I gladly receive Your interest in buying a

puppy, as soon as there are puppies available in the "Puppy Room".


I wonīt send any puppy by train or by flight by its own!


I only sell my puppies as COMPANY dogs,

i.e. I canīt give any promises of breeding- or exhibition quality.

Sorry to say, you canīt predict what a puppy turns out like when

grown up.


I demand that the buyer, who is interested in a puppy,

makes at least one visit here before the deal is closed.

If this is quite impossible, I want some kind of reference.


I want to continue following up "my" puppies and

I demand the owner to examine the dog for patella,

in relation to itīs 1 year vaccination.


My goal is to breed dogs typical for itīs rase .

I breed on dogs, which have good show results and good mentality status and health.


Being a dog owner, is a big responsibility! 

Estimate that Your dog will be about 15 years old!

A Chihuahua needs condition exercises and loves outdoor activities.


Start For Buyers The Breed Female Males Mating Contact Angels

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