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My little breeding is inactive right now since

both my deeply beloved breeding chis,

Minettie and Min-O´Boy

very tragic have passed the Rainbow Bridge.



   How nice that you found my, Marie Mattsson´s,

     very small breeding of the lovely Chihuahuas!


Tremendious grief here now....

I lost my darling male on Boxing Day 2013

and my beloved female end of January -14

so there will be no puppies during the nearest years:(


After careful consideration, I now start this activity by

very good support from wonderful Anne Garin,

who owns Pax Ave Kennel in Höör,

where I bought my longhaired Chihuahua.

I have a very big interest in the smallest dogs

and particular in the Chihuahua and

I will work for the tinity of the breed.

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world

and I want it to remain that way!

The goal with my little breeding is also, to bring up as typical

chihuahuas as possible with good temperament and health.

suitable for both company, exhibitions and breeding.

Puppies are sold with neither exhibition -

nor breeding warranty!

The most important goal with Your puppy must be,

to let it become a lovely family dog first of all.

Exhibition and breeding is just an extra bonus to

You as an owner and me as a breeder.


Most likely here may be just one litter per year to begin with after

Pax Ave Farao Cleopatra-Ra, called Madicken,

who is my darling today.

Later on hopefully also after little wonderful Maja.


Since I was young and moved out from home,

there has always been dogs in my life.

It has been everything from hybrids, Doberman,

Pomeranian, pudel and now longhaired chihuahua.

I just can´t be without the positive companjonship

that a dog gives and therefore,  

I want to give just You, who also truely loves this tiny breed,

a chance to be the owner of a wonderful fellow

for the rest of your life.

Notice! A Chihuahua is NOT an accessory

but a real dog in tiny size!!

I am a member of the Chihuahua Cirkeln and the Swedish Kennelclub .

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